I make handmade paper from a plant called Abaca, that through a process of soaking waxing and dyeing papers are produced, never the same, and never to be discarded that are brought together sometimes sewn and sometimes heated, pressed together.

 I look for jewels whether it be the markings on the beach pebbles, the warmth of the reds of the rusted metals, the colours of the wilting flowers, the accidental marks of life. They all influence me.

Textile Foundation course 2009 : Morley college

 B.A  Fine art  2012 : Camberwell university of Art


Recent exhibitions

Modern Maker lll , No format Gallery, Secondfloor Studios Woolwich, November 2014.

Rusty Pipe, Painted Brick Art Exhibition, Shoreditch Town Hall, Shoreditch, March 2013

Threshold, group show, Sound Installation, New Gallery, Peckham Road, SE15, May 2012.

Drawing Out: 2012, group show, drawing, Millbank, SW1 and CMU, Pittsburgh, USA, March 2012.

Peek Show, group show, Sound and video installation, Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey SE16, May 2011.